Privacy and Confidentiality Features and tools at SHOKEENDASHADI;

At, we believe that protecting the confidentiality and privacy of our registered users is very important. For this reason, our basic features are designed to protect your confidentiality. Further we have sophisticated tools that enable you to set your privacy and confidentiality levels to those that you are comfortable with.


Profile Design

Our profile format is designed so as to prevent people from identifying you unless you wish them to do so. Thus the information that is gathered is general in nature - age, height, gender, caste, ethnicity, occupation, location, family profile, interests, desired partner profile etc. Typically information that will help generates interest among the right prospective life partners without individually identifying you. Uploading photographs is optional.


At we understand that different people have different needs for privacy and confidentiality. Thus For this reason we empower our registrants with tools to customize the privacy levels of their profile, photographs and contacts.


Some of These Settings Are:  For Profile

  • Allow my detailed profile to be viewed by all visitors or
  • Allow my detailed profile to be viewed only by registered users who pass my filters.
  • Don't show my detailed profile or summary profile to any user, I will search and contact profiles.

Profile visibility settings are available in the settings section which is accessible from the header and footer on all pages after login. We recommend that you go in for the first privacy setting as that will get you the maximum response. Frequently our site is searched by casual browsers who are highly qualified, eligible people or friends and relatives of a prospective bride or groom and thus your profile is visible to this important group of visitors.


Of course if you wish to maintain a higher level of privacy and confidentiality then you can go in for the second option. And if you want the maximum level of privacy then you can select the third option.


Please note that in the first two profile visibility options, your summary profile will be viewed by all visitors. It will show your username, age, height, caste, occupation, city and date of updation. Typically these are the details by which you cannot be identified. In the second case, an unregistered user will be prompted to register and it will be checked if they pass your filters and only then would they be able to view your detailed profile. Whereas in the third case nobody will be able to view your summary or detailed profile.


However, we would recommend you to go for the second option because the third option might minimize the number of responses your profile can get.


For Photograph: In case you wish to upload your photograph(s) along with your profile then you have the following options:

  • I want my photos to be visible to all members.
  • I want my photos to be visible only to members I contact and to members I accept.

Thus you get to set that privacy level for your photograph which you feel most comfortable with.


We would however recommend that you do upload your photographs and go in for the first privacy setting option as that is likely to get you the maximum relevant response. The photograph privacy settings options are available in the 'My Photos' section of the 'My Profile' page. This page can be accessed after you have registered your profile.



When entering profile on you can specify criteria based on which people who do not match your desired partner profile are unable to contact you. Thus you are not bothered by people who you are clear you would not be interested in.

Filter setting are available once you have entered your desired partner profile. So when you register with you register with the most confidential Indian matrimonial site. So register with confidence.